Jiantao Hu’s Video Game, Legend Of Titans: Sun God Plants Released On App Store!


The story of the Video Game is based on Chinese Mythology, Houyi’s Shooting Nine Sun Gods.

The indie game project was made base on Jiantao Hu’s original IP graphic novel “Legend of Titans”. The series “Legend of Titans” contains 9 relatively independent and interrelated stories. Jiantao choose one of these stories to develop this project.

First Video Game: “Chicago Killer: Integral Version”


Since My first Video Game is for learning, so I just made an integral version game because integral version is the easiest mode of the game. Integral version game just counts points or coins but does not require the end and start of a mission.

I first referred to the model of Mario Bros, this is a typical model of integral version game that the character plays as a shooter runner and collecting coins and points. In my own game, I made two characters and game worlds that were available for players to choose, as well as various types of enemies for players to kill. My design of character killing the enemy refers from the earliest version of Prince of Persia, which is in the way that character surviving in the game by Killing enemies.

Therefore, I combined the mode of Prince of Persia and Mario Bros finally. I made my game in the mode that the game player getting points by the time they surviving in the space. The game player kills enemies to get more possibility to survive longer.

The images below are my design of characters and enemies in my game as well as some screen shots of my games


Make my first Video Game

Every game is made by a game engine. I first considered about what game engine should I use for my first video game. I chose Buildbox as my game engine because Buildbox does not need coding (I hate coding).

When I was learning how to master the software, this is also the process of learning and challenging my self. I solved the problems of how to edit the game platform, how to add character graphics, how to add background graphics, how to set up enemy and weapon preferences.

At the same time, I think early version of Prince of Persia and Mario Bros can be the model of my first video game.


Making my own video Game

Through the research on the history of video games, I got inspirations of how to make video games from the video games I previously introduce. Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed and GTA are all first person action video games. The first video game I make should may borrow platform from them.